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LoL Boosting

We provide fast and professional elo boosting services in all tiers. Our boosters will elo boost from 1 to 2 divisions per day on average. Vital-eloboost provides you with a safe lol boost. While playing on your account our boosters use a VPN program everytime they enter an account. VPN programs bring additional safety to your accounts and help to avoid bans.

Our team consists of high divisions elo boosters. The minimum division of our elo boosters is Diamond I. Nevertheless most of our boosters are master and challenger players. Our company has professional support 24/7, which can assist you with any questions you have. Our staff consists of ex-boosters, so they will understand exactly what you need

The Vital-eloboost team guarantees professional elo boosting service for your account. Our stealth mode system provides with our VPN programs will help you avoid any bans. The Riot police won't catch with our elo boosting services for sure!Friendly, kind and customer oriented support is always ready to help you. Our team helps you to get desired solution. Choose Eloboost24.eu as your elo boosting solution!


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